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Staycation in Osoyoos

Staycation in Osoyoos

With the current restrictions in place, traveling is nearly impossible. Well, that is if you are trying to go to Mexico. The pandemic has inspired many to consider staycations instead of vacations. So, how does one vacation in their own backyard without blowing their budget? Enjoy a staycation in Osoyoos while saving some money for travel when the restrictions lift with these fun ideas.


Firstly, let’s prep for your staycation.

Your adventures in Osoyoos will be dramatically increased if you consider the following. Turn off your phone and stay away from social media. Take time to embrace your staycation and if you are really wanting to capture the moments, swap your phone camera for a disposable. When you get them printed it will be amazing to look back on all the fun you had. Also, block your calendar. Refrain from booking any real appointments or tasks. Preplan and execute any responsibilities you may have so you can wake in the morning with a day full of possibilities and no major commitments.

Secondly, discover some fun staycation ideas that don’t break the bank.

Start your staycation with a spa day and a little makeover. You can follow up with some minor shopping. Give yourself a budget and get prepped for a couple of days of fun! Now that you are relaxed and refreshed, find a way to make your staycation feel like you haven’t really stayed at home at all. This can include camping in your own backyard, setting up a movie theatre outdoors, staying in an upscale hotel, or going to the town over. Explore some part of your town that you may have not realized existed. This can include shops, activities, and even restaurants.

Lastly, travel Osoyoos!

Osoyoos is a great travel destination for tourists. So, be a tourist in your own town! Of course, given you are in the Okanagan region, there is a multitude of amazing wineries to check out. Book a wine tour or explore them on your own. If you are more into interactive activities, then Rattlesnake Canyon is the place for you. The 1500-foot arcade consists of bumper boats, arcade games, gold panning, and more. Have an undying love for golf? Check out Sonora Dunes Golf or Osoyoos Golf Club. Osoyoos also have lots of history. From BC Railway to its fascinating terrain, check out the Osoyoos museum or the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Center to take a step back in time!


Sometimes it takes a little stay-at-home recommendation to help us realize that there is so much we haven’t seen in our own backyard. Try out a staycation and discover your surroundings without blowing your bank. The best part, you can save a little for the day you get to go to Mexico or Europe but, you still get to have a little relaxation and exploration while you wait!


Looking for help to plan out one or two vacations and mini escapes? Contact Osoyoos Credit Union today and we can help you open a savings account to start working towards those vacations you want to go on one day!