Benefits of Small Business Financing at OCU

At Osoyoos Credit Union we are a community-based, member-owned and governed organization. We offer a variety of financial services for small business financing, competitive products, professional personal service, business finance options and a community focus.  

In keeping with the growth of the community and its financial service needs, Osoyoos Credit Union is constantly changing and improving. We support large and small business financing needs with personalized service, affordable fees and a full range of financial services  

If you are a business owner, properly managing small business financing is essential to its success. We offer a variety of business financial services that will greatly benefit your business.  

Small Business Financing: Mortgages and Loans 

One of the advantages of working with your local Osoyoos Credit Union is that we are a not-for-profit entity that aims to serve our members, each of who are partial-owners. Big banks, on the other hand, are commonly associated with higher service fees, interest rates and maximizing profits for outside investors 

A financial advisor will meet with you directly to find a business loan or commercial mortgage that works for you. Whether you’re applying for a business loan for a new business or interested in learning about different types of loans, we strive to offer personalized options that will help you get control of your budgetallow you to cover unexpected expenses and manage your small business financing plans and goals. Drop by our branch in Osoyoos to apply in person, so you have the opportunity to explain any circumstances that may be affecting you. 

We offer a variety of small business loans and commercial mortgages, all of which can be found at big banks. The difference and the benefit of banking with the credit union is the personalized and individual service that we strive to provide for our partial-owners. Some of the specific financial services that may be beneficial to small business financing include:  

  • Business term loans 
  • Operating loans 
  • Commercial mortgages 
  • Commercial equipment leasing 

Business Term Loans 

Whether you’re expanding your facilities, purchasing new equipment or consolidating debts, we provide personalized service. An Osoyoos Credit Union financial advisor can meet you wherever and whenever is most convenient for you to help you find a loan solution that works for your business. 

Our full range of business term loans offers both variable and fixed interest rates and flexible terms and payment options to ensure you find the right loan to suit your business’ needs. 

Operating Loans 

With a business operating loan, your business will have access to as much or as little as it needs, with member direct access. These short-term loans only charge interest on the amount you use for the time you need it. There are no set minimums, meaning this is one of the most cost-effective loans for businesses. This is an exceptional option for businesses that are reassessing their current small business financing plan and expenses.  

Commercial Mortgages 

If you are in the process of refinancing, developing a commercial property or expanding your business’ operations, a commercial mortgage may be the ideal solution. Advantages of a commercial mortgage include small business financing for both existing and new properties, personalized service from business finance experts, easy access to loan information online or through OCU’s app, flexible payment option and quick approvals. 

Commercial Equipment Leasing  

Do you require equipment for your business to succeed? Our team of business finance experts would be happy to help you. We offer flexible and convenient commercial leases so you can get the equipment your business needs and keep your small business financing plans and budget on track.  

Benefits of Small Business Financing at OCU | Osoyoos

Your Local Small Business Financing Institution 

At Osoyoos Credit Union, we believe in making a difference in the community by helping local businesses. We can help develop a personalized plan to help you reach your small business financing goals and properly manage your finances. 

With over 70 years of service, we are the only locally owned and operated financial institution in Osoyoos, serving its members since 1946. 

From the beginning, we’ve built a strong financial organization and gained a reputation as a leader in the Osoyoos community. Providing our members with ongoing financial services, advice and support is a core value. We are committed to lending money to members at competitive rates for business needs. We strive to make small business financing manageable and affordable with several types of business investments and options.  

Because of our local ownership and operation, all decisions are made in Osoyoos and are made only with the best interests of our members and the community in mind. 

Give us a call at 250.495.6522 or drop by our Osoyoos office in-person to discuss your specific small business financing business needs and goals.