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Osoyoos Credit Union Member Benefits

Osoyoos Credit Union Member Benefits

At Osoyoos Credit Union we are a community-based, member-owned and governed organization. Our members benefit from a wide selection of financial services, competitive products, professional personal service, business finance options and a community focus.

Our financial services are designed with our members’ needs and wants in mind, making us the ideal place for all your banking needs.

Personalized Financial Services for Members


When it comes to banking services, Osoyoos Credit Union offers members the same financial services that they would find at large banking corporations, but with superior rates and member service.

Our willingness to work with you and your individual financial circumstances is a major advantage to working with your local Osoyoos credit union. We strongly believe that we are more than a financial institution; we are an intrinsic part of the Osoyoos community. Our focus on our community’s individual credit union members ensures we give them the best and most personalized service.

There are a variety of benefits and options that we can offer, all of which can be found at big banks. The difference and the benefit of banking with the credit union is the personalized and individual service that we provide for our member-owners.

Money and Wealth at Osoyoos Credit Union


A major difference between banks and credit unions is that credit unions are known for giving profits back to their members in the form of higher interest rates on chequing and saving accounts, lower fees, and better rates on loans and mortgages.

Credit Unions typically offer lower bank fees including transfer fees, ATM fees and overdraft fees. Big banks often charger larger fees, as fees are big money makers for banks. Osoyoos Credit Union, on the other hand, is community-based and our goal is to provide the best service for our members and aim to keep costs low for our members. Join our credit union and watch your money and wealth grow.

Pre-Approved Loans and Mortgages


Similarly, members that have a lower credit score or have had difficulty qualifying for loans and mortgages elsewhere often find better options at Osoyoos Credit Union. If you are interested in getting a mortgage or loan but have a poor credit history, book an appointment with one of our financial advisors. We will work with you to find a loan or mortgage that works for your individual needs.

Whether you dream of homeownership or starting a business, we can help make that a reality. We strive to offer programs and options to help you get control of your budget or allow you to cover unexpected expenses. Feel free to drop by our branch in Osoyoos to apply in person, so you have the opportunity to explain any circumstances that may be affecting you.

Community and Customers First


Since our beginning in 1946, we’ve built a strong financial organization and gained a reputation as a leader in the community. We are the only locally owned and operated financial institution in Osoyoos, serving its members for over 70 years.

Providing our members with ongoing financial services, advice and support is a core value. We strive to offer our members the best rates, advice and options. We are committed to lending money to members at competitive rates for personal or business needs.

Osoyoos Credit Union is constantly changing and improving in order to keep up with the growth of the community and its financial service needs.

Contact Osoyoos Credit Union today for personalized financial advice and financial services. We are dedicated to ensuring you have the tools to establish a solid financial foundation.