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OCU Member Spotlight: More than a Mortgage

OCU Member Spotlight: More than a Mortgage

Today our member spotlight features Nikki and Jordan Campbell, who currently reside in Oliver. As a child, Nikki and her family used to vacation in and around the Osoyoos area. The couple has been living here for the past 12 years.

Nikki’s parents often came to visit and decided to invest in a property. Initially, they built a small house for their personal use but eventually decided on renting it out. Unfortunately, during this period, they lost the house to a fire. During this tragic time, both families came together to decide what should be done next. As the property was appropriately zoned, the families decided to invest time and money in building a fourplex instead of a single-family home.

They approached their local bank for financing but were turned down due to the lack of financial history in property development. Disappointed, they then decided to approach their parents’ bank in Chilliwack but were again turned down. However, both banks advised visiting the local credit union. They approached Osoyoos Credit Union for a construction mortgage to finance the build of their planned fourplex in Oliver.

At OCU we look at more than just the numbers. Seeing the scope of the project and how it would be adding more housing to the community, as well as the fact that Nikki and Jordan planned to hire local contractors and tradespeople, we reviewed the application and were more than happy to approve their mortgage.

Nikki and Jordan were able to complete the construction of their fourplex by the Spring of 2020. Their units have been selling with good success and currently, they have only a single unit to be sold!

We would like to thank the Campbells for allowing us to share their story!


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