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Money Saving Apps and Tools

Money Saving Apps and Tools

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to save money? Maybe you’re trying to get out of debt, to buy a new car or go on a trip. Whatever it is you’re saving for, we know pinching pennies to save money can be difficult. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Here at Osoyoos Credit Union, we’ve curated a list of apps and tools that will help you achieve your savings goals.

Osoyoos Credit Union App

We have created an Osoyoos Credit Union app for your banking convenience. Now you can bank anywhere at any time. The App is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Within the Osoyoos Credit Union App you can easily manage all of your accounts, make e-transfers, deposit cheques, set up recurring bill payments and manage alerts so you are always on top of your finances.

Having the ability to check your account balance on the go could help you prevent overspending because you can check your bank balance anytime, anywhere. By setting up recurring bill payments, you will never be at risk of missing a payment again. Automatic set ups are an excellent preventative measure to ensure your credit rating stays intact and improves. Enabling the notifications and alerts allows you to be in the know of banking activity immediately.


An app that helps you save some extra cash without having to change your purchasing habits. The app rounds up your everyday purchase to the nearest dollar amount. Then Mylo will invest that money into a diversified portfolio for you automatically. The roundups are tracked, then deposited into your account from your banking institution.

You can link multiple cards  and you can set up the roundups that were deposited to be invested, all with the help of Mylo. Since individuals have started using Mylo, the typical return has been between $10 to $15 dollars a week. Over a year, that money adds up to a great start on your savings account; some users see a $1000 saved! The app is easy to use, there is no minimum entry amount and only a $1-a-month flat fee. Simply put, had you been using Mylo since January 1st, the potential amount in your savings account would be $200.


Mint has received lots of positive buzz in the last few years. Mint’s purpose is to allow users to see all their accounts in one easy place. By enabling you to see everything, it is easier to set a budget and monitor spending.

Setting a budget can be a daunting task, but Mint can help take the guesswork out of it. Based on your spending, the application will automatically generate a suggested budget. Which you can adjust with life’s changes. The app also lets you categorize your spending, check your credit score and allow for alerts to notify you on low account balances.

Loyalty Cards

It is amazing the amount of money that can be accumulated by loyalty reward points. It can be beneficial to set-up loyalty cards at the stores you frequent. Loyalty cards allow you to save up points on purchases you already plan to make. Those points are transferred into a dollar amount that can be used on future shopping trips.

However, accumulating loyalty cards can take up lots of space in your wallet. Consider downloading an app that compiles your cards together in one place for easy use and accessibility such as Stocard. Another bonus, you won’t find any in-app purchases.


Honey isn’t an app that can be used on your phone just yet. It is an application for your web browser. If you are an individual that likes to do online shopping, this is great for you. When you have selected your purchases and are checking out, Honey runs through a database of coupon codes to apply to your purchase. It will automatically apply additional savings for you! Plus the program is free!


At Osoyoos Credit Union we are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. We would love to hear what apps and tools work for you as you find your saving success!


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