Osoyoos Community Credit Union: Putting You First, Banking Second

You work hard for your money and you deserve a partner that works hard for you to help you reach your financial goals, right? At a community credit union like OCU, joining means you can be a part of something bigger, not just something big. While we may offer the same services as other financial institutions, you’ll experience personalized financial services focused on helping you achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions.

Joining is simple, and member benefits are extensive. As an OCU member, you’re not just another source of revenue. You’re a part owner. Teaming up with OCU means getting help in achieving your dreams and goals. Whether it’s that condo you didn’t think you could afford, an expansion to your business you never thought possible, or helping fund your child’s dreams through college or university.

We’re here to help, and we’re so glad you’re thinking of joining the community of part owners who are achieving their financial goals. Keep reading to find out if joining OCU fits with your personal future goals.

Community Credit Unions: Putting YOU First. Banking Second.


What sets a community credit union like OCU apart from other financial institutions in Canada?

We put you first.

Why? Our members are more than customers or another source of revenue. They’re part owners. This means we answer to you! Everything we do is to benefit you. It’s a radically different way to do banking better. When you become a member at OCU, you can expect honest, no-pressure financial advice that’s tailored to your personal needs; not a cookie-cutter financial solution you feel pressured into.

Whether you’re saving for school, planning for retirement or trying to finance a business venture, we’re here to help you plan and reach those future financial goals without costing you the present.

You may be wondering what services differentiate a community credit union like OCU from other traditional financial institutions. Honestly? Not much. We offer all the same great services and expertise, but you can enjoy the benefits of better treatment, fewer fees, competitive rates, and financial solutions that are personalized to you. We’re here to help you reach your goals because when you succeed, we succeed.

Community Credit Unions: Growing Your Money Locally


It’s no secret that the best credit unions put a great emphasis on supporting their local community. In addition to contributing scholarships, a community giving fund and numerous other community events and benefits, we’re growing your money locally.

What does it mean to grow your money locally?

It means we’re investing our profits back into our community. We’re financing small businesses in Osoyoos, helping community members achieve their academic dreams with student loans and taking on initiatives that strengthen our local economy. We’re helping create real prosperity and better opportunities for members just like you.

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People at Osoyoos Community Credit UnionOsoyoos Credit Union: Doing Banking the Right Way


If you’ve been looking for a partner to help you reach your financial goals who will put you first, you’ve come to the right place. Our principles at OCU are people-centered. When you partner with us, you can expect the following:

  • We share our profits with you, our members
  • We offer lower fees and competitive rates
  • We never fee gouge or take advantage
  • We only offer advice in your best interest
  • We always treat you like a human being
  • We treat all equally, regardless of your account size
  • We admit our mistakes
  • We give more to communities and causes than other financial institutions

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Get Your Share: Earn Money by Joining or Referring a New Member


Becoming a member at OCU has so many benefits and for a limited time, Canada’s Credit Unions are offering $200 when you create a new account with the Get Your Share campaign. Do you already have an account? You could earn $50 by referring a new member! Check out the Get Your Share campaign for more information on receiving $200 on a new account, or getting $50 to refer someone!

Whether you’re opening a personal or business account for the first time, Credit Unions Canada will deposit $200 into your new account. This applies for a brand-new account or transferring an existing business account from another financial institution. Getting started is simple, and it’s the beginning of a relationship with a financial institution that cares about you and your financial goals. If you’re not located in Osoyoos, we recommend finding a credit union near you on Credit Unions Canada’s site.

Become an Osoyoos Credit Union Member Today


With 72 years of service, we are the only locally owned and operated financial institution in Osoyoos, serving our members since 1946. We may not offer anything that the traditional financial institutions don’t, but we do offer all these services in the context of your goals. No matter what your needs, ideas or dreams are; whatever your money is meant for, we put that first. Banking is just how we help you achieve your goals.

Contact us today! Our friendly team of financial experts would be happy to sit down, hear about your financial goals and recommend a personalized financial plan to help you reach them.