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VIDEO: OCU Members Tell Their Stories

VIDEO: OCU Members Tell Their Stories

At OCU, we are thrilled to announce the release of our new video, which captures the heart and soul of our credit union. Our mission is to serve our community, and this video beautifully illustrates the impact we have on the lives of our members. Here’s a glimpse into the stories shared in the video:

It’s a Communal Ethic

The essence of OCU is rooted in community. As one member poignantly states, “It’s a communal ethic. It’s about community.” Unlike many other financial institutions, OCU truly walks the walk, deeply embedded in the fabric of Osoyoos and surrounding areas.

Supporting Families and Individuals

In the video, one member recounts her experience of being home with her children for 11 years without a pension. Faced with important financial decisions after inheriting money from her parents, she turned to OCU for guidance. Our team helped her make wise investment choices, ensuring that her money didn’t just sit idle but worked for her future.

Another story highlights a young member who needed a reliable car to get to work. She shared how her mom recommended OCU over a car dealership because we wouldn’t allow her to get something she couldn’t afford. Our team worked closely with her, providing a vehicle loan that was realistic and manageable, ultimately helping her purchase a car that she affectionately named “Cherry.”

Building Dreams Together

OCU isn’t just about managing money; it’s about helping our members achieve their dreams. One couple shared their journey of moving to Osoyoos and building their home. After purchasing land in 2011, they explored various financial institutions but found that OCU offered the best rates and the support they needed for a construction mortgage. They emphasized the personal touch and flexibility they experienced, which made all the difference in their home-building journey.

A Credit Union by the Community, for the Community

Our history dates back 78 years, founded out of a need within the community. Today, that need persists, and so does our commitment. What makes OCU unique is that it’s owned by local community members. This means when you work with us, you’re working with an institution that listens to your needs and values your input. Whether it’s structuring a mortgage or having a say in our operations, our members are at the heart of every decision.

Personal Touch and Local Expertise

In a world where many banks can feel impersonal, OCU stands out. Our members describe walking into our branches and immediately feeling seen and valued. One member noted that at other banks, you might feel invisible, but at OCU, there’s always someone ready to help.

Watch the Video

We invite you to watch our new video and see for yourself what makes OCU special. Hear directly from our members and learn how our commitment to community and personalized service sets us apart.

Thank you for being a part of OCU. We look forward to continuing to serve you and the Osoyoos community with the dedication and care that you deserve.