Why You Should Use a Credit Union for Your Financial Advice

Truth be told, conventional financial institutions like banks can’t match every financial need for everyone. This is where credit unions come in. A credit union provides a wide range of services you would also find in a bank, and then some, including helpful financial advice.

Osoyoos Credit Union (OCU) is a reliable and locally-owned and operated financial institution in Osoyoos. Established in 1946, our credit union has been serving its members with the highest standard of professionalism with consistently high client satisfaction ever since we first opened our doors.

Our Services (Including Financial Advice)

As a new, existing, or returning member, we provide you with a wide range of services to help fulfill your individual and personal financial needs. At Osoyoos Credit Union (OCU), our members rely on us for reliable services that set us apart. These include:

Loans and Mortgages

We have been providing various mortgage plans to our members for over seven decades. With our favourable mortgage rates, simple application process, and expert team, we care for our members’ mortgage needs. Our plans include open and closed mortgages that you can access as an Osoyoos Credit Union member.

Besides mortgages and home loans, we also offer our members personal loans for different individual needs. These include both secured and unsecured loans with competitive rates that may be variable or fixed. In addition, we also provide student loans designed to help cover the cost of attending a post-secondary institution.

Are you looking to grow your business? Business financing is vital for any startup or expert business to scale growth and profits. At Osoyoos Credit Union, we provide different options for business financing to help you scale growth.

Our business financing options for your members include:

  • Business term loans. Whether you are expanding your business, consolidating debts, or buying new commercial equipment, we can offer you several business term loan options with fixed and variable interest rates. Our business term loans have flexible terms and payment options that align with your business needs.
  • Operating loans. Our short-term operating loans charge interest only on the borrowed amount within the borrowed time.
  • Commercial mortgages. We write commercial mortgages at favourable rates to assist your business in increasing business facilities, renovating your current place of work, or developing new business properties for commercial use.
  • Small business loans. Every starting business needs a constant source of business financing. You can rely on us for startup loans to help you improve your small business.
  • Commercial equipment leasing. Equipment purchasing tends to be more expensive than leasing. We offer our members flexible and convenient commercial leases to help them get their desired business equipment.

You can rely on us to provide loans and mortgage solutions. Our financial experts can also advise you on the best and most favourable loan offers. Apply with us online or an appointment to discuss the details of your next personal or home loan.

Elderly couple discussing wealth management

Wealth Management and Financial Advice and Planning

Financial planning can be a daunting task, especially if you lack the in-depth know-how of the financial world. We take pride in providing comprehensive financial planning advice and assistance. Our wealth management team is well-equipped to advise you on different and practical investments and help you meet your ultimate financial needs.

Regardless of the level of your wealth, our wealth management advisor can help you develop a detailed wealth management plan. We can develop a tailor-made wealth management plan designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our wealth management experts have years of experience in the financial sector to balance your current needs and future goals. Our members rely on us for financial planning advice to help them develop custom solutions to achieve their financial goals.

Comprehensive financial planning advice is elemental to help you navigate varying economic downtimes. Our financial planning advisors seek a complete understanding of your current financial situation before making any long-term recommendations.

Married couple getting financial advice in KelownaWhat Makes Us Stand Out?

Unlike banks and other credit union organizations, we take a unique approach to helping our members. Our organization is committed to the local communities including working on efforts like:

  • Supporting the local economy’s growth
  • Education and help at every stage of your life or major milestone

Plus, we are also committed to environmental protection and recently adopted a green initiative that saw a reduction in electrical consumption by 50%. In addition, Osoyoos Credit Union supports local youths and residents interested in pursuing further education by offering scholarships and bursaries.

In addition, we support local community causes and activities, either via donations or direct participation. Our organization has a Community Giving Fund that supports local non-profit organizations and community groups with initiatives and projects that help in the improved quality of life and economic growth.

At Osoyoos Credit Union, our financial experts provide a wide range of comprehensives services designed to help individuals and businesses scale growth. We provide tailored financial planning advice and solutions to help you meet your end financial goals.

We can help you open a member’s account at Osoyoos Credit Union. As a member, you are a valued team member with access to a wide selection of financial services. Whether you are looking for personal loans or business financing, you can rely on us to provide help in the shortest possible time.



Contact Osoyoos Credit Union for reliable and trustworthy financial planning advice and wealth management. Regardless of your financial constraint, our experts can advise accordingly and provide matching solutions.