“Fall” in Love with Osoyoos

Fall in Osoyoos is stunning when the leaves change colour and the crisp air sets in. The weather isn’t too hot or too cold, and flannel is the preferred choice for outerwear. As October begins, take advantage of the fantastic colours and fall feels by checking out some of Osoyoos’s autumn activities.

Live Music Sundays at Covert Farms

Covert Farms was first established in 1959. Two Californians moved to the desert in Osoyoos with a dream to start an organic farm. From apples to grapes, the Covert Farm has made a big name for themselves as they grew from fruit and veggie production to wine and entertainment. Join Covert Farms for live music Sundays featuring some of the Okanagan’s best local musicians.

See the land at Anarchist Mountain Lookout

Anarchist Mountain is located just outside Osoyoos and is a fantastic viewpoint of the Okanagan in the fall. The mountain is 4,892 ft above sea level. Anarchist got its name from Richard G. Sidley, an Irishman who arrived in Osoyoos around 1889. The hike is 2 hours of stunning views topped with a final glimpse of Washington State, specifically the town of Oroville. Take your picnic basket, a bottle of wine and enjoy this trail.

Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre

This 9,000 square-foot interpretive centre is full of interactive knowledge-based activities. Learn about the lands, legends, and people of the Osoyoos Indian Band.

The Mk’Mip (pronounced in-ka-meep) Desert Cultural Centre creates a fun, interactive learning space with galleries indoors and outdoors and two multi-media theatre experiences. Expand your knowledge with a day trip to the Mk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre.

Also, head over to Mk’Mip Cellars and try an array of red and white wines, from a finely aged merlot to a buttery chardonnay, Mk’Mip wines value the grapes they harvest from their lands.

Golf in Osoyoos

Do you have a passion for golf? Why not book a T-Time at Osoyoos Golf Club. Established in 1973, OGC started with nine holes and was an instant success. The unique desert layout quickly expanded to two courses, the Park Meadows and Desert Gold.

This course runs one of the longest seasons in the Okanagan as people flock from southern BC to catch breathtaking views of the surrounding orchards and vineyards.

“Fall” in love with our WINE!

If you didn’t check out wineries in Osoyoos, did you even really experience the Okanagan Desert? Osoyoos and surrounding areas are well known for their fantastic soil. Great soil means rich growth for the vineyards. Osoyoos is one of the hottest spots in BC, resulting in a reputation for great red wines.

Common varietals consist of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, and syrah. La Stella Winery is an Italian-inspired winery that stepped into the spotlight in 2006 and served some great traditional grapes. If you are looking for something unique, try Nota Bene from Black Hills Estate. French Door Estate is well known for its photogenic views and Mourvedre Rosé.

There are over 40 wineries in the area, all with unique features and wines available to taste and take home. Book a wine tour with a local company and capture the fall harvest and varietals.

There are many amazing things to do in Osoyoos in the fall, all with breathtaking views of the land. Put on your favourite flannel, a warm toque or fedora, a cosy scarf and enjoy all that Osoyoos has to offer in the fall!