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Enjoying a Stress-Free Family Day: Tips from OCU

Enjoying a Stress-Free Family Day: Tips from OCU


Family Day is approaching fast, and with it comes the opportunity to cherish quality time with our loved ones. In a recent interview with Bounce Radio’s Brock Jackson, Roxanne Davyduke, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at OCU, shared insights on how families can enjoy stress-free moments together without worrying about finances.


“Life can get hectic, and managing finances can add to the stress,” Roxanne emphasized during the interview. OCU understands this challenge and is dedicated to helping families at every stage of their lives. Whether it’s planning for a new family member, education expenses, buying a first home, or preparing for retirement, OCU’s team of experts is there to provide guidance and support, allowing families to focus on what truly matters.

Roxanne shared a heartwarming example of how OCU helped a young couple expecting their first child. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the financial aspects of parenthood, OCU worked with them to create a customized plan that included budgeting for baby-related expenses, setting up an RRSP, and exploring affordable insurance options. By addressing these concerns ahead of time, the couple welcomed their new addition with peace of mind, knowing their financial future was secure.

When asked about navigating major life changes like buying a new home or planning for retirement, Roxanne emphasized OCU’s commitment to providing personalized guidance on budgeting, saving, and investment strategies. The goal is to make these significant transitions as seamless as possible, allowing individuals and their families to focus on building lasting memories together.

For those interested in accessing OCU’s services, Roxanne provided easy ways to get in touch. Whether visiting their website at ocubc.com or giving them a call at 250-495-6522, OCU’s friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to help navigate life’s financial journey, ensuring stress-free moments with loved ones.

As Family Day approaches on February 19th, Roxanne Davyduke and the entire OCU team extend warm wishes for a happy and memorable celebration. By following Roxanne’s advice and leveraging OCU’s expertise, families can make the most of this special day and create lasting memories together.