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Collabria Visa: Credit Cards for Small Businesses

Collabria Visa: Credit Cards for Small Businesses

Many online financial institutions, such as Osoyoos Credit Union, offer online financial planning services so you can take your finances anywhere.

If you are a small business owner, you know managing your business expenses and finances are essential to its success. A business credit card is the best way to manage cash flow and expenses efficiently, access cash immediately and simplify your finances for everyday travel, entertainment, office supplies, and business expenses.

Our team at Osoyoos Credit Union has some great tips for you when considering a small business credit cards. Get the most out of your credit card with Osoyoos Credit Union and find out what Collabria Visa can do for you.

What does a Business Need From its Credit Card?

It’s essential to separate your business and personal expenses in order to give your company room to grow with the credit you need. Osoyoos Credit Union is experienced in helping small businesses apply for credit cards that meet their specific business needs.

Collabria credit cards offer purchasing convenience, cost savings, higher available credit, and detailed reporting in order to give you what you need to nurture your small business and help it grow. Collabria credit cards provide small businesses with all the essentials:

  • Separates your business and personal expenses
  • Helps manage cash flow and expenses efficiently
  • Gives you access to immediate cash
  • Perfect for everyday travel and entertainment, office supplies, and business expenses

Best Small Business Credit Card: Not all Credit Cards are Equal

When you apply for a business credit card, it’s important to consider your options, as not all credit cards offer the same benefits.

Collabria credit cards offer business owners convenience since they are accepted nearly everywhere around the world, making them ideal for business expenses. Your Collabria Visa card includes a wide range of built-in benefits that are tailored to your business. For instance, earn FlexRewards, which can used to redeem flights, merchandise, hotels and more.

Are you a small business owner in need of a business credit card that can meet the specific needs of your company? We recognize not all credit cards are equal, which is why we’re here to help.

What are the Advantages of Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards provide business owners and operators with the financial freedom to conduct business efficiently.

We will evaluate your business needs and offer you the best business credit card option that benefits your business. For example, if you travel frequently, a Collabria credit card that allows you to earn travel rewards for particular hotel chains or airlines.

Business credit cards often have higher credit limits in order to efficiently manage your money flow, make major business purchases and balance unexpected expenses.

Best Small Business Credit Cards: Qualifying, Rates & Features

Establishing a healthy credit rating is vital when building a secure financial business. If you are applying for a business credit card for a new business, you are required to provide proof that your business exists. Providing supporting documents to your potential lender including articles of incorporation, your business license, partnership agreement, tax assessments and financial statements are essential for qualifying.

Collabria credit card rates and features varying depending on the business credit card you choose. Book an appointment at Osoyoos Credit Union to learn more or view our selection of Collabria credit cards for further information.  

Are you applying for a business credit card? Our team at Osoyoos Credit Union can offer flexible credit card options to help you establish a solid financial foundation for your small business!