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Business Financial Services At Osoyoos Credit Union

Business Financial Services At Osoyoos Credit Union

At Osoyoos Credit Union we are a community-based, member-owned and governed organization. We offer a variety of financial services, competitive products, professional personal service, business finance options and a community focus.

In keeping with the growth of the community and its financial service needs, Osoyoos Credit Union is constantly changing and improving. We can support businesses of any size with personalized service, affordable fees and a full range of financial services, including:

  • Business Chequing Accounts 
  • Credit Cards & Lines of Credit 
  • Commercial Loans & Leasing 
  • Access to financial support, ongoing advice, and creative lending products

Managing your business expenses and finances are essential to its success. With that in mind, our team at Osoyoos Credit Union has curated a list of the top business financial services available at OCU and how they can benefit your business.

Business Chequing Accounts

Our business chequing account at Osoyoos Credit Union offers you an easy way to manage your business ventures with convenient access to funds with a low monthly administration fee. Whether a sole owner or limited company this account is for you. Features include:

  • Per item fee structure 
  • Free cheque images 
  • Detailed monthly statement 
  • Available in Canadian or US funds 
  • Free in-branch transfers 
  • No deposit fees

Our Strictly Business® Package Chequing Account is specifically designed for clients operating a business. Features include convenient access to funds and competitive service charges. This account is ideal for anyone who is a sole owner or a limited company. Features include:

  • Low monthly fee, limited number of transactions 
  • Detailed monthly statement, free cheque images 
  • Business cheques, laser computer form available 
  • Revolving line of credit available on approved credit (OAC) No deposit fees

Business Credit Cards & Lines of Credit

Whether you’re applying for business credit cards for your start-up business or a business line of credit for an established business, we’ve got you covered.

Keep costs down while streamlining expenses and maximizing rewards. Collabria business cards come with convenient and easy to use tools to help make budgeting easier.

Contact Osoyoos Credit Union to learn more, view our selection of Collabria credit cards or read our blog article, Collabria Visa: Credit Cards for Small Businesses for further information. For business credit cards, we offer Visa Infinite Business Card, Visa Low Rate Business Card and Visa No Fee Cash Back Business Card.

Commercial Lending: Business Loans & Commercial Leasing

Loans, including pre-approved loans for your business needs or commercial leasing, are available for a variety of business ventures. Our financial advisors will tailor a package to fit your needs with a flexible payment schedule, with terms and amortization available to meet our member’s needs. Business loans may be secured or unsecured. We offer competitive rates which can be either fixed for the life of the loan or variable.

Credit life and disability insurance are available for pennies a day. These options, combined with our dedication to member service, make our business loans an attractive option to help your business grow.

Ongoing Business Financial Services, Advice and Support

With 72 years of service, we are the only locally owned and operated financial institution in Osoyoos, serving its members since 1946.

From the beginning, we’ve built a strong financial organization and gained a reputation as a leader in the community. Providing our members with ongoing financial services, advice and support is a core value. We strive to offer our members the best rates, advice and options. We are committed to lending money to members at competitive rates for personal or business needs.

Because of our local ownership and operation, All decisions are made in Osoyoos and are made only with the best interests of our members and the community in mind.

Book an appointment with one of our financial advisors at Osoyoos Credit Union for more information about our financial services. We are dedicated to ensuring you have the tools to establish a solid financial foundation for your business!