Black Friday on a Budget

Without a doubt this year’s Black Friday sales will be looking a little different, perhaps with a smaller budget playing a large role. Some homes may be a bit limited in spending habits, especially with Christmas around the corner. This year, families may have to budget or strategize their spending.

So, how can one make the most of Black Friday on a budget? Here are five ways to help you make the most out of your holiday deals without putting stress on your wallet!

1. Set Yourself a “Deal” Target!

Whether it’s a price point, a discount percentage, or something that doesn’t generally go on sale often, set yourself some targets to stay within budget. If an item is only $5-$10 off, how much are you really saving? If something is only 10% off when other items are 25-50% off, which deal is better? Sometimes saying no to those small deals where you only save 1-2 dollars will allow you to buy the big ticket items!


2. Find Deals Early!

Black Friday is rarely “One day only” anymore. Most businesses try to beat the competition by starting Black Friday earlier in November or going longer. Go for the significant discounts on Friday itself, but save the smaller ones or the ones that are a week-long promotion for last.

Some companies will put on a different deal on particular products every day of the week leading up to Black Friday. Some brands have the same offers a few times a year.

3. If You are Going to Use a Credit Card, Use the Right One!

If you are going to use your credit card, make sure you have one that gives you the best rewards for using it. Even better, find one that might give you even better Black Friday deals.

A cash back credit card will give you a percentage of your money back when you use it, simply just for using it. A Visa Infinite card will help you travel more and with comfort as it offers luggage protection and travel health care coverage. The Aura card provides deals for local shops and an app that helps you to budget better. It’s a reloadable MasterCard that you can use right away when you register!

4. Don’t Forget to Shop Local!

Shopping isn’t for everybody. Take moments to breathe and relax. If you didn’t buy an item but felt like you should, you can always check for deals on Cyber Monday or even Boxing Day later in the year.

Most importantly, consider shopping local as much as you can. Many small businesses have amazing Black Friday deals and it’s a great way to keep the community strong for the holidays. Check your favourite local shops for special promotions, online shopping, phone orders and contactless pickup options.

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