The Best Money Management App for Your Business

Our Financial institution, Osoyoos Credit Union, offers business owners a variety of wealth management services and financial advice so you can make the most of your finances. Our financial advisors can recommend the best money management app and credit card, advise you with your online wealth management, or provide you with great interest rates on business loans and mortgages 

If you are a business owner, you know managing your business expenses and finances are essential to its success. With the right money management app, you will be well on your way to achieving your savings and financial goals. Get the most out of your business finances and wealth management services with Osoyoos Credit Union’s recommendations on the best money management app.  

Why Should I Use a Money Management App? 

In the world we live in, using a money management app is one of the best and easiest ways to protect our investments and track our online wealth management. Considering how easy it is, there’s really no excuse for neglecting our finances.  

When it comes to wealth management services at Osoyoos Credit Union such as business investments or loans and mortgages, your financial advisor at Osoyoos Credit Union will offer the best-personalized wealth management services for your unique business goals and financial circumstances. 

Our focus is on our community’s individual credit union members and giving you the best and most personalized service. There are a variety of wealth management services that we can offer you, all of which can be found at big banks. Your financial advisor will meet with you directly and work to find the best solutions and financial plans for you. We strive to offer programs that will help you get control of your budget or allow you to cover unexpected expenses.  

So how does a money management app play into all of this? Once you and your financial advisor have discussed your financial goals and your current circumstances, it’s essential that you stay on track. A money management app is one of the best online management services you can utilize.  

It isn’t necessary, plus it would be nearly impossible and probably incredibly overwhelming to learn every single money management app, but taking advantage of even one will help keep your finances on track. Here are a few of our recommendations from our team of financial advisors at Osoyoos Credit Union. 


1. Osoyoos Credit Union App 

The Osoyoos Credit Union money management app was created with our customers banking needs in mind.  

With the Osoyoos Credit Union money management app, you can easily manage every account with ease. Make e-transfers, deposit cheques, setup recurring bill payments and manage alerts so you are always on top of your finances. Business owners will greatly benefit from having all their finances at their fingertips and on one money management app.  

Having the ability to check your account balance on the go could help you prevent overspending because you can check your bank balance anytime, anywhere. Setup recurring bill payments, so you’re never at risk of missing a payment again. Automatic setups are a brilliant preventative measure to ensure your credit rating stays intact and continues to improve. Enabling the notifications and alerts ensures you know all of your banking activity, immediately. Our money management app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. 

2. Mint: All-in-one Money Management App 

Mint is one of the most popular all-in-one resource for creating a budget, tracking your spending and keeping a super detailed budget by creating as many budget categories as you need. For business owners with a variety of expenses, this is an exceptional tool for tracking and budgeting accordingly. 

With Mint money management app, you can connect all your bank accounts, credit cards and monthly bills in one convenient online money management app.   

Mint will notify you when bills are due, the amount that you owe and the amount you can pay. It’ll also send you reminders to ensure you avoid late fees. Mint even provides you specific advice to gain more control over your budget based on your spending habits. 

3. Tycoon: The Freelancer’s Money Management App 

The money management app, Tycoon was founded by supermodel Jess Perez. Perez created the money management app after noticing that models, freelancers, and entrepreneurs were routinely being paid very late for their services. Since it’s easy to forget late payments, especially if it’s been months or even years, Tycoon tracks those payments so you don’t need to chase clients down for the money they owe.  

It’s important to note that this money management app caters to freelancer’s needs, including calculating take-home pay minus agent commission. It also makes it simple to track and see which clients still owe you. Depending on your business needs and your current position, this may be an essential resource for you. 

In keeping with the growth of the community and its financial service needs, Osoyoos Credit Union is constantly changing and improving. We can support businesses of any size with personalized service, affordable fees, a full range of wealth management services, and recommendations for the best money management app for you. 

Drop by our branch in Osoyoos to learn more about our wealth management services and the best money management app or financial plan for your individual business needs and circumstances.