Benefits of Working with a Credit Union for Your Loans and Mortgages

At Osoyoos Credit Union, our financial services are designed with our members’ needs and wants in mind, which makes us the ideal place for obtaining loans and mortgages.

While big banks are commonly associated with higher service fees, interest rates and maximizing profits for outside investors, credit unions are not-for-profit entities that aim to serve their members, each of who are partial-owners. As a result, there are several advantages to being a member of Osoyoos Credit Union. Here is our list of the top reasons for working with us for loans and mortgages:

  • Better Interest Rates on Loans and Mortgages
  • Your Credit Union: Your Community
  • Personalized Financial Services

Better Interest Rates on Loans and Mortgages

At Osoyoos Credit Union, we offer low rates and fees, which means a lower overall cost of borrowing. What’s more, it might be easier to get approved for a loan at our credit union.

We value service over profits, which means we strive to give our members lower rates for loans and mortgages. If you’ve recently purchased a home in the Okanagan, we can offer you great BC mortgage rates. For new business owners, we can offer you a great selection of loans to jump-start your business.

Being member-owned allows our rate of returns on savings accounts to be higher and the interest rates on loans and mortgages to be lower than a big bank. This is excellent news for our members, as you will save exponentially when you choose our financial services.

Your Community: Your Credit Union

A major advantage of working with a credit union is our willingness to work with you and your individual financial circumstances. We strive to create a community within our institution. Members that have a lower credit score or have had difficulty qualifying for loans and mortgages elsewhere often find the best option with our services.

A financial advisor will meet with you directly and work to find a loan that will work for you. If you are interested in getting a mortgage but have a poor credit history, then our credit union may be the best option for you to use. We strive to offer programs that will help you get control of your budget or allow you to cover unexpected expenses. Drop by our branch in Osoyoos to apply in person, so you have the opportunity to explain any circumstances that may be affecting you.

Personalized Financial Services

When it comes to banking services such as loans and mortgages, you can be confident that Osoyoos Credit Union can offer you the same financial services that you’ll find at large banking corporations, but with superior rates and customer service.

Our focus is on our community’s individual credit union members and giving you the best and most personalized service. There are a variety of loans and mortgage options that we can offer you, all of which can be found at big banks. The difference and the benefit of banking with the credit union is the personalized and individual service that we strive to provide for our partial-owners.

Join our community-focused and friendly family at Osoyoos Credit Union for the best loan and mortgage rates and overall experience today.