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Introducing Apple Pay for OCU Collabria Credit Cards

Introducing Apple Pay for OCU Collabria Credit Cards

Apple Pay has made it easy for Osoyoos Credit Union members to make payments with their Osoyoos Credit Union Collabria credit cards for easy shopping and purchases. Like other payment methods, members using Apple Pay will enjoy eligible rewards, benefits, and security for their payment.

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a digital wallet that allows for mobile payment services enabling users to make payments using iOS applications and the web. The service was introduced in 2014 and supported by iPhone phones, including iPhone 6S, 6, 7 and 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus. Other models that also use the service include the SE, XS, X, XR, XS Max, and the latest iPhone 11. The service can also be accessed through an Apple Watch, Mac and iPad. This digitizes and can potentially replace credit or debit card chips. In addition, the app provides real-time notifications about the purchase details once a purchase is made.

How Apple Pay Works

The best thing about Apple Pay is its “classically Apple” functioning. The app combines the simplicity and elegance of Apple technology you enjoy in your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple products. You can use it to make payments for purchases in stores, pay within applications, pay on the web, use a reward card, and in transits. You can even make the payments with Face ID or Touch ID.

In fact, it’s simple to make Face and Touch ID payments. For Face ID:

• Double-click the iPhone side-button
• Look at the iPhone or enter the iPhone passcode to authenticate the Face ID
• Hold the upper side of the phone within a few centimeters of the merchant terminal until a checkmark and “Done” appears on display.

To pay with Touch ID:

• Place your finger on the Touch ID
• Hold your phone against the merchant terminal until the “Done” and checkmark feature appears on display.

Paying with other devices is also possible. For instance, when using Apple Pay to purchase, double-click the Apple device side-button and then hold the display within a few centimeters from the merchant terminal. You will feel a small vibration once the transaction has been completed. You might be required to sign the receipt of the payment, depending on the store and the transaction amount.

If you are making payments with Apple Cash, you can authenticate the payments with a Face ID, Touch ID, or secure passcode. Some merchant terminals request a PIN to complete debit transactions. If prompted, use 0000 as the passcode, or any other four-digit PIN.

Smartphone showing Amazon logo and credit card shopping online in coffee shop.

Benefits of Apple Pay

Integration of Apple Pay with Osoyoos Credit Union Collabria credit cards comes with several benefits for members, for example, submitting their payments from the comfort of their own home or on the go. Apple Pay provides the following benefits:

1. Easy checkout

The complexities associated with payment checkouts are unending. Avoid the stress of reaching for your wallet to fetch a physical card if you want to make purchases using Osoyoos Credit Union Collabria credit cards. Apple Pays enables you to checkout by simply placing your finger on the payment device. This works for both in-store and in-app purchases.

2. High-Level Security

Most customers embracing modern payment methods are skeptical about payment protections due to increased cases of fraud. Mobile payments made from Apple Pay don’t save or store an individual’s credit card number. The service creates a token that replaces the actual credit card number when making the payments. The token number comes with a one-time security code that cannot be used again. That aside, Apple Pay provides zero liability protection if you experience fraud on your card.

3. Convenience

With Apple Pay, you can make payments anywhere. This makes it possible to make purchases even if you forgot your wallet with a credit card at home.


Apple Pay is an excellent mobile payment method that enables Osoyoos Credit Union Collabria credit card holders to make easy, protected and convenient purchases anywhere and on the go. Plus, the service works for all Collabria credit cards. Keep in mind, however, to use this payment service ensure you have a compatible Apple device. This includes an iPhone 6 or later models, Apple Watch paired with iPhone 5, iPad, or Mac.

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