Protecting what matters most.

Equity Shares

Equity shares represent our members’ investment in the credit union. A member may subscribe for up to 1,000 equity shares under a single membership. These funds must stay on deposit as long as you have an account with the credit union. The dividend rate is based on the previous year’s net income and is set by the Board of Directors after the minimum capital requirements of the credit union are met. The Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation does not cover equity shares.

Deposit Insurance

Osoyoos Credit Union is run in a conscientious and professional manner and is well capitalized. The safety of your deposits is backed by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation (CUDIC) which is a statutory corporation that administers and operates the Deposit Insurance Fund.

Life Insurance

Life insurance will provide financial security for the people you care in the event of your death. Life insurance provides your loved ones with a tax-free payment. The type and amount of coverage you choose depends on your individual needs and circumstances.

Basic life insurance provided through work, is often insufficient and contingent on your employment status. The price of life insurance depends on your age, gender, health, medical history and lifestyle.

Credit Insurance

Creditor Insurance available through Osoyoos Credit Union is underwritten by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company.

In the event of a death, disability or in rare case, unemployment, credit insurance is a type of insurance policy purchased by a borrower that helps to pay one or more of the lenders existing debts. Credit insurance is a low monthly payment that will protect you in the case of an unforeseen catastrophic event.