Who Can Become a Member?

Anyone! Our credit union isn’t restricted to a certain group of people. At Osoyoos Credit Union we welcome anyone who wants the best in financial products and a more personal, friendly approach to professional financial service. As a member/owner of the credit union, you enjoy all the privileges of membership. You are no longer a customer!

How Can I Become a Member?

It’s easy. Simply call 250-495-6522 to make an appointment or book an appointment online.  You will pay $25 (for 25 shares) to open a personal or business Equity Share Account. Junior members will pay $5 for 5 shares. These shares give you a voice in the credit union. No longer are you just a customer; you become a member/owner with the right to vote on all issues that may affect you. You even have the opportunity to vote for your Board of Directors.

To open a personal membership with Osoyoos Credit Union you will need your Social Insurance Number plus any current signed identification, which could include the following:

Acceptable Primary ID
(with photograph)

  • BC or other Provincial Driver’s Licence with photograph (not interim)
  • Current Canadian passport
  • Passports from other countries
  • Canadian Armed Forces ID Card
  • Permanent Residence Card
  • Other (must have picture, description, signature, security features, expiry date)
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Acceptable Secondary
ID (with signature)

  • Canadian Birth Certificate
  • Other Provincial Driver’s Licence (without photograph)
  • Credit Card – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® etc
  • BC Identification Card issued by ICBC
  • Certificate of Indian Status Card
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
  • BC CareCard
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From Individuals to Businesses to
Communities, We Can Help.

Personal Accounts

If you are interested in a Personal Account, please click on the button below for more information.

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Business Accounts

If you are interested in a Business Account, please click on the button below for more information.

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Community Accounts

A community service account is available for those services within the community that are not-for-profit and are deemed to exist for the general good of the community at large. Examples of these types of accounts would include but not be limited to:

  Service clubs
  Sports teams
  Boys and girls clubs
  Youth groups
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