Personal Chequing Accounts

Personal Chequing

A tiered interest-bearing chequing account with nominal per item fees on your transactions!

  • Unlimited in branch transfers
  • Detailed monthly statement
  • Free remote banking
  • Free ATM deposit and withdrawals at Osoyoos Credit Union branch and off – site location
  • ATM and in-branch bill payments
  • Revolving line of credit available on approved credit (OAC)
  • Coverdraft available at no charge
  • Free telephone banking transfers
  • MemberDirect® online services
  • Cheque writing and pre-authorized payments
  • Interact direct payment access (Point of Sale)
  • Interest bearing account, calculated daily, paid monthly

A tiered interest-bearing package account with unlimited basic transactions for a low monthly fee!

  • Interest bearing account, calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Detailed monthly statement
  • ATM and in-branch bill payments
  • Revolving line of credit available on approved credit (OAC)
  • Coverdraft available at no charge
  • MemberDirect online services
  • Cheque writing and pre authorized payments
  • Interac direct payment access (Point of Sale)
USD Chequing

If you are a frequent traveler to the United States, or conduct business or receive money from the US, this chequing account is the one for you! This account eliminates the need to continually convert your money to and from Canadian dollars.

  • Competitive interest rates calculated on the closing daily balance and paid to the account monthly
  • US dollar clearing and in-branch debits
  • Monthly statement included with Canadian funds statement

Personal Savings Accounts

Accelerator Savings

A non-registered savings account paying a very competitive interest rate; the entire balance earns the current rate of interest being paid to the account.

  • Two free withdrawal transactions per month
  • Additional withdrawal transactions will incur a service charge.
  • Accessible through a teller, MEMBERLINK® or at an ATM
  • No cheques or automatic withdrawals
  • Interest calculated on the closing daily balance and paid monthly
Plan 24 Account

The daily interest savings account with no minimum balance and minimal service charges.

  • Interest is calculated on closing daily balance and paid to the account monthly
  • No chequing privileges
  • Detailed annual statement
  • Interac direct payment access at a per item charge
  • Automatic debits, credits and Interac transactions allowed at a minimal charge
  • MemberDirect® bill payments at a minimal charge
  • Minimal charge ATM for access at non credit union ATM’s

Junior Accounts

Kudos Account (0 to 24 years)

This account is specifically designed to meet the needs of our youth while establishing themselves on a limited budget. The account features the following:

  • Unlimited use of Osoyoos Credit Union’s ATMs
  • 10 free withdrawals from any institution’s ATMs within Canada per month
  • 25 free transactions per month (Interac/Point of Sale, MemberDirect® Online Services, cheque writing, additional ATM withdrawals)
  • Daily interest on account paid monthly
  • No additional charges for ordering cheques (member pays for cheque cost only)
  • Free monthly electronic statement via online banking
  • Free Student MasterCard® (subject to approved credit)
  • Educational Loan/Line of Credit available on approved credit.
RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan)

A Registered Education Saving Plan is a government approved plan for the purpose of providing postsecondary education funding for a beneficiary. Income earned within the plan is not taxed until it is withdrawn. For more information please contact our knowledgeable staff.

Student Services – Educational Line of Credit

Designed specifically to assist in covering the cost of attending a postsecondary institution. Funds can be used for living expenses, tuition and books. The student and /or co-signer will be required to meet the normal lending criteria required by Osoyoos Credit Union. The line of credit will require monthly interest payments during the time the student is attending a postsecondary institution. The line of credit will bear an interest rate of Prime. Within twelve months of completion of studies, the line of credit will be converted into a term loan with regular monthly payments. The interest rate will be changed to prime plus 1%, with monthly payments amortized over a maximum term of 15 years. These loans will be reviewed annually and payments are to be adjusted annually as required to ensure payment in full of the loan within the original amortized term.

Senior Accounts

Golden 60

Our “Golden” Account is a chequing or savings account designed for members 60 years of age or better. Enjoy the benefits the golden years bring at Osoyoos Credit Union.

  • Unlimited basic transactions, including Osoyoos Credit Union owned ATM’s and other BC Credit Union owned ATM’s.
  • Unlimited free transfers
  • MemberDirect® Online Services
  • Cheque writing privileges (chequing account only)
  • Detailed monthly statement (chequing/MAXIMIZER® accounts only)
  • Discount on safety deposit boxes
  • Interac / POS transactions
  • Interest calculated on closing daily balance and paid monthly
  • Automatic debit and credit transactions