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About OCU

About OCU

Located at 8312 Main Street in downtown Osoyoos, British Columbia, the Osoyoos Credit Union has been serving its members since 1946! Osoyoos Credit Union is the only locally owned and operated financial institution in Osoyoos, and our members look to us for superior service and competitive financial products, while knowing that they have a direct voice in our future.

The Osoyoos Credit Union is a community based, member owned and governed organization and as such proudly supports many community activities, either through direct participation or donations. Our slogan, “Together We’re Better” is actually much more than just a slogan. It signifies the co-operative spirit between members, board, staff, and the community, where we can all work and live together successfully!

In 2006 Osoyoos Credit Union celebrated its 60th Anniversary and as part of that celebration, sponsored many events throughout the year culminating in the awarding of a $60,000 Legacy Award in October of 2006. The recipients, the Osoyoos Museum Society, were able to obtain a matching grant which turned the $60,000 into $108,000 for the community museum. This is one more example of the success we have when we work together to improve our community and it certainly emphasizes the meaning of our slogan, “Together We’re Better”.

From very humble beginnings the Osoyoos Credit Union has built a strong financial organization and gained a reputation as a leader in the community. In the last fifteen years the Osoyoos Credit Union has grown from under $55 million in assets to over $120 million at the end of 2012. Over that period of time the Osoyoos  Credit Union has paid out in excess $4 million in dividends and rebates to its members. In addition to this return, Osoyoos Credit Union has invested many thousands of dollars in contributions to sports, cultural, environmental and other initiatives within the community.

In addition to taking deposits, the Credit Union lends money to members at competitive rates for their housing and other personal needs, and for their businesses. Also provided are wealth management services, electronic banking, safety deposit boxes, debit cards, credit cards, and many other services required by the modern consumer. Because of our local ownership and operation, all decisions are made here in Osoyoos and are made only with the best interests of our members and the community in mind.

In keeping with the growth of the community and its financial and service needs, Osoyoos Credit Union is constantly changing and improving. In the latter part of 2008 Osoyoos Credit Union began working on the development of a new Logo and Slogan to better express our place in the community. In addition 1st Financial Building Corporation was hired to perform a “needs review” to determine if Osoyoos Credit Union had adequate  space and a suitable design to meet the future needs of our Members and Community. As a result of their findings, a full renovation of the old building was undertaken along with the addition of 2100 square feet of space. It started in 2009 and was completed late in 2010.

At that time our new logo and the slogan “Together We’re Better” were also introduced, fully reflecting the partnership approach for which the Osoyoos Credit Union continues to strive, a partnership that includes its members, its community, its board of directors and its staff.

Now, with our new, up to the minute systems throughout the credit union,including the new OCU Wealth Management division, Osoyoos Credit Union can assure full service of all its member’s financial needs. With the continued support of our members, Osoyoos Credit Union will continue to prosper and excel well into the future.
Please join us and let us help you with all your financial needs.

OCU Wealth Management Services offers Mutual funds and securities related financial planning services through Qtrade Asset Management Inc., Member MFDA.


Vision Statement
Committed to Community

Mission Statement
Osoyoos Credit Union is the financial institution of choice with competitive products, professional personal service and a community focus.

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Living Wage Employer

Osoyoos Credit Union is proud to announce that we are certified as a Living Wage Employer! A Living Wage Employer is an organization that provides a “living wage rate” to its employees that reflects the “true costs of living in a community and that parents can earn what they need to support their families.”

As Living Wage Employers, we not only meet the requirements of providing a “living wage,” but we also strive to do business with other social enterprises wherever possible to help reduce poverty in our communities.

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Our History

The Osoyoos Credit Union began January 23, 1946 from cautiously optimistic beginnings. The first annual meeting in February 1946 consisted of eighteen people; to date it has remained an independent cooperative financial institution with approximately 5,000 members, actively rooted in the Osoyoos area.

Throughout its history, the organization has contributed to the development of its members, and the community of Osoyoos as a whole. Credit Union Day is observed every October with a hot dog BBQ. A credit union is a cooperative organization which provides services to its members. In many ways,credit unions are indistinguishable from banks – they offer chequing accounts, term deposits, mutual funds, personal, mortgage and business loans, and many other services offered by banks; however, their whole orientation is different. Unique among financial organizations, the credit union is owned and controlled by the very people who use its services… its members.

Our customers are members; they are shareholders and each has an equal vote on rules and in the selection of directors from within their own ranks. With an emphasis on the local economy exemplified in our motto, “Together we’re better” the Osoyoos Credit Union will continue serving its members’ needs as one of the few independent credit unions in British Columbia. This guide is designed to provide an overview of our products and services and to help you to understand more about Osoyoos Credit Union.

Current Board of Directors
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Pat Wycherley
Chairman of the Board

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Rick Clelland

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Kathy Gudewill

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Diane Thomas

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Alan Bajkov

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Richard Douziech

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Thomas Martin

Zachary Poturica

OCU Staff

Wendy Balogh

Laura Brownjohn

Ada Bulhoes

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Annie Catton

Maria Dias

Herman Gill

Sandra Hachey

Ryan Hildbrandt

Joelle Majeau

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Anna Relvas

Gay Ross

Greg Sol

Amber Werner

Liz White

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