About Us

Together we’re better.

We have achieved what we have not only from our experience and talent but also by actively engaging and supporting the communities we’re a part of.

“Together we’re better” means being attentive and expanding the cooperative spirit between our members, our team, and the connections we build and grow within every city we’re located in.

Our History

  • Our Beginning

    Our Beginning

    Located at 8312 Main Street, Osoyoos, our credit union has been a part of the Osoyoos community since the 1940s. We first opened on January 23, 1946 and have been a staple of the city ever since.

  • Our first engagement with the community

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    Our first engagement with the community

    We joined the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce as members. 

  • Our 25th anniversary of first opening our doors

    Our 25th anniversary of first opening our doors

    Our location might not look the same as it did in 1946, but our values and dedication to supporting the Osoyoos community remain the same. 

  • Our 50th anniversary!

    Our 50th anniversary!

  • Expanding our reach

    Expanding our reach

    In October of 2019 we became a part of another vibrant community: Rock Creek. Not only was this great news for us for opening a new location, but it was also well received by the citizens of Rock Creek as it had been 90 years since the town last had financial services of their own. 

  • 75 Years in the community!

    75 Years in the community!

What we value


We care about taking an active role in supporting local causes and programs however we can. This not only means volunteering but also actively looking for new ways to help others of all walks of life in the community.


We’re committed to helping our members succeed in their financial goals—whether they’ve just signed on or have been a member for many years. When we come to work, we take pride in being as prepared and accurate as possible to provide useful, actionable advice to our members.


The financial world can be complicated for a lot of people, but we care about staying on top of it ourselves and making it understandable to others. We take into account that our members are our clients, but they are also people with their own lives, goals, and challenges.


Coming to work, we care about taking responsibility to sus out answers to our questions or challenges. We invest in our members and build relationships, support our team and help them hone their skills, and find opportunities to be environmentally sustainable whenever possible.

Higher pay. Better living.

Osoyoos Credit Union is proud to announce that we are certified as a Living Wage Employer! A Living Wage Employer is an organization that provides a “living wage rate” to its employees that reflects the “true costs of living in a community and that parents can earn what they need to support their families.”

As Living Wage Employers, we not only meet the requirements of providing a “living wage,” but we also strive to do business with other social enterprises wherever possible to help reduce poverty in our communities.

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